• The Tony Jannus Distinguished Aviation Society promotes and provides financial support to students enrolled in college level courses leading to a degree in fields related to potential careers in scheduled commercial aviation at colleges and universities.
  • In January of 1914, Tony Jannus flew a Benoist airboat from St. Petersburg to Tampa and established the Bay Area as the home of the first scheduled airline. Each year, the Tony Jannus Distinguished Aviation Society honors a historic aviation achievement by recognizing a distinguished individual for outstanding contributions to scheduled air transportation. The society also looks to the future by awarding six scholars awards totaling $15,000 to aspiring aviation leaders enrolled at institutions of higher learning.
How to Apply
  • The awards applicants must meet the following criteria and conditions:
  • Part 1 - A one (1) page cover letter providing the Applicant's personal contact information along with a personal statement requesting consideration to become a "Tony Jannus Scholar."
  • Part 2 - A one (1) page letter from a University/College official in support of the Applicant's request and statement attesting to the Applicant's good academic standing as supported by a G.P.A of 3.0 or higher.
  • Part 3 - A supporting essay of 300 to 500 words clearly outlining:
  • a. How and when the Applicant first became interested in aviation.
  • b. How aviation has already impacted life choices related to academic, service, and/or occupation decisions.
  • c. How Tony Jannus has affected the Applicant's existing thinking with respect to aviation as a potential career.
  • d. Any additional personal observations the Applicant considers relevant to the Committee's evaluation process.
  • Applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria: academic achievement; quality of essay; general accomplishments; demonstrated commitment to aviation and subjective factors as deemed appropriate by the Committee.
  • Applications need to be hand delivered to 7650 Courtney Campbell Causeway, Tampa, FL 33607 or emailed to no later than Friday, November 18th, 2016.
Past Scholars Awards Winners
Click here to view  2015 winners 2015
  • Cadet Chad Black - University of South Florida
  • Cadet Bjorn Nielsen - University of South Florida
  • Cadet Mercedes C. Rodriguez - University of South Florida
Click here to view  2014 winners 2014
  • Aileen Watkins - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Richard Helgeson - University of South Florida
  • Marcos Marrero-Dilsa - University of South Florida
  • John Busby - University of South Florida
  • Tyler Botest - University of Tampa
  • Tait Sorenson - University of Central Florida
Click here to view  2013 winners 2013
  • Charles Boynton - University of South Florida
  • Philip Cavanagh - University of Tampa
  • Diana R. Cobas - Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Corey Melton - University of Tampa
  • Diana M. Ospina - University of South Florida
  • Andrew Smith - University of South Florida
Click here to view  2012 winners 2012
  • Galen Abrams - University of South Florida
  • Reicel Bacallao - University of Tampa
  • Julie Bright - University of South Florida
  • Nestor Lugoviera - St. Leo University
  • Troy Mobley - University of South Florida
  • Nathan Sanders - University of Tampa
Click here to view  2011 winners 2011
  • Rachael Beightel - University of South Florida
  • Jonathan Foti - University of Tampa
  • Valentina Goulart - University of South Florida
  • Tom Sawicki - University of Tampa
  • Ricardo Torres - University of South Florida
  • Zachary Weaver - University of South Florida
Click here to view  2010 winners 2010
  • Kelsey Abert - University of Tampa
  • Jeremiah LaPointe - St. Leo Univeristy
  • Matthew Ryan LaRue - University of Tampa
  • Kyle Rademaker - University of South Florida
  • Taylor Richards - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Michael Whitlock - University of South Florida
  • Jennifer Wilson - University of South Florida
Click here to view  2009 winners 2009
  • Brooke Begemann - Clearwater Christian College, U.S. Airforce ROTC at University of South Florida
  • Steven Davis - University of South Florida Army ROTC
  • J.P. Bruno - University of South Florida Naval ROTC
  • John Martin - Embry-Riddle
  • Bruce Patton - Embry-Riddle
  • Patrick Hensel - University of Tampa Army ROTC
Click here to view  2008 winners 2008
  • Kate Lamm -
  • Christopher Kohlskelley -
  • Kyle Huff -
  • Don Garrett -
  • Mark Crotty -
  • Katie Borgholthaus -